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Diabetes Treatment

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Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is a disease in which our blood glucose or sugar levels are too high. It occurs when body is unable to circulate the sugar concentration in our blood, sugar concentration is circulated by insulin that activate when blood glucose increase. Insulin is a hormone that helps glucose to give energy to cells. There are two type of diabetes, in type 1 st diabetes body doesn’t make insulin, and in type 2 nd diabetes body neither make nor use insulin. Without insulin glucose stays in blood and that becomes the reason of high glucose in blood.

Symptoms of Diabetes:

Symptoms of diabetes includes: frequent urination, sores heal slowly, gets really hungry, irritation, feeling thirsty, vision issues, lose weight, infections. To diagnose the diabetes, testing the concentration of glucose or sugar in blood which can be done by different tests like blood test, hemoglobin test, fasting blood sugar test, and oral glucose tolerance test.

Diabetes have been attempts to cure by replacing B-cells through transplant, by reducing death B-cells and increase new B-cells. Stem cells treatment can be used to treat both type of diabetes by inducing them to B-cells and inject them in body where they would repair damage tissues, destructive cells would still there to fight new cells. This treatment used to treat both type of diabetes by replacing the death B- cells.

Diabetes Treatment Stem Cells

Stem cell diabetes treatment:

Stem cell diabetes treatment results in decrease in fasting blood sugars and level of hemoglobin, improvement in kidney function, physical activities, energy level, reduction in numbness, itchy skin, urination issue.

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