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Eye Specialist in Karachi

Eye Specialist in Karachi

Better Vision for a great Life

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AlKhaleej Eye Care Clinic goal is to provide everyone a very good eye care treatments in very latest professional way. Our team is only committed to improving your life & your VISION. The only reason which stand us differentl is our compassionate care & state of the art treatments.
We invested more than any eye clinic in Karachi to bring latest equipments and techniques to treat different problems. We feel proud to serve our patients with the best state-of-the-art equipment & advanced treatments.

What we have?

  1. Latest Technology.
  2. Excellent Results.
  3. Patient Orientated, Highest Quality Care.
  4. State-of-the-Art Laboratory.

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AlKhaleej Eye Care Center is proud to offer Karachites with the most experienced professional doctors, the latest world wide technology & a top level service from our highly skilled unmatched staff.

Laser Assisted DCR

Laser Assisted DCR (DacryoCystoRhinostomy) is a new contribution to endoscopy, We provide the best...

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Cornea Treatment

AlKhaleej Eye Care provides one of the best cornea treatment...

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ICL Treatment

ICL (Or lens implants) are basically a small lens (contact lens) which are used to place inside...

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Glaucoma is kind of an eye condition which damages optic nerves, We provide Glaucoma treatment...

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Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a diabetic eye disease. In this medical condition...

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Computer Vision Syndrome

CVS is known as computer vision syndrome which comes form focusing on computer for too long...

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Lasik Treatment

Laser eye surger or laser vision correction is also known as LASIK, is a type of treatment...

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Advanced Cataract Surgery

Clouding of the eyes natural lens is commonly known as cataract. Millions have been affected by this problem...

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Pediatric Opthomology & Squint

Pediatric Opthomology & Squint is kind of eye problems in which...

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Oculoplasty/Cosmetic Enhancement

Reconstructive & Cosmetic/aesthetic are 2 types of Oculoplasty/Cosmetic Enhancement...

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Dr. Kashif Farooqui
Meet Dr. Kashif Farooqui

Head of Dept. - AlKhaleej Eye Hospital
M.B.B.S MRCOphth (Dublin)
Consultant Eye Surgeon


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Best Skin Specialist in Karachi

Do you know the eyes are the most sensitive part of your body? this means they need extra care and pampering to maintain a healthy condition. Similarly, having regular eye checkups from any eye specialist in Karachi remains extremely crucial. After all, it’s important to know what’s happening to your eyes, whether they are working fine or not.
So, guess what? Here we are offering you our services at our eye clinic. We have got the best eye doctor in Karachi who has potential treatments for every eye problem and infection. So, if you wish to know more, take a dig below.

Who is an Eye Specialist?

Just like there is a doctor for your teeth known as a dentist, a doctor for your skin known as a dermatologist, there is a doctor for your eyes too, known as the eye specialist. These are the experts who can help you with your vision, potential eye infections or any sort of disease. Surprisingly, we have gotten many specialists on board with us. After all, we are known to be the best eye hospital in Karachi. For us, it’s always about providing the best healthcare services to our customers.
If you’re wondering why you need to consult the best eye specialist in Karachi, then here’s why.

Reasons to Consult an Eye Specialist:

Looking for the best eye specialist or the best eye surgeon in Karachi is never easy but always a crucial thing, even when there is nothing major.

  • Firstly, the moment you notice blurred vision, then consider it’s your time to head over to an eye specialist as soon as possible. This is a potential sign of poor vision and you need to get your reading glasses on.
  • Some people also start seeing two things instead of one. This sort of problem occurs when your head and brains start messing with your eyes. Thus, having an adverse impact on your vision.
  • Color blindness is another reason. Some people lose their ability to distinguish between colors. If you notice something like this happening to you, without any hesitation seek help.
  • For all those people who have vision glasses need to visit an eye specialist regularly to keep a check on your eyesight number. Usually, it’s increasing, but you never know when a miracle happens, and it actually reduces. It’s imperative to get glasses of the right eyesight number.
  • If you notice any sort of redness or irritation in your eyes, rather than putting ointments on your own, seek help to see what’s wrong with your eyes because all of a sudden a normal eye doesn’t get red.

Besides, it’s not necessary that you have to visit an eye doctor in Karachi only when there’s something wrong with your eyes. Regular eye checkups are super important to ensure there are no signs of infections and diseases. alongside this, early diagnosis can cure many deadly diseases too. Thus, be very punctual with your eye checkups.
So, if you’re also having some problems with your eyes. We are just an appointment away!

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Eye Care Clinic in Karachi

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