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Face Procedure

Face Surgery Procedures

Al Khaleej Clinics have extremely well experienced and skilled cosmetic plastic surgeon that performs multiple face surgery procedure with their artistic skills while providing extraordinary attention to details so that the patients can get the best results with negligible scarring. Before starting the face procedures our cosmetic surgeons provide a comprehensive and detailed consultation to the patients while answering any of the queries that occurs or that can occur in the patients mind. Hence, after satisfying the patient mentally, they start the procedures to achieve top results in face surgery.

Al Khaleej Clinics specialize in the following Face procedures:

Brow Lift

A Brow life is also sometimes referred to as forehead lift. It is used in reduction of wrinkle lines that are horizontally developed across the forehead, nose and also between the eyes as well.

The Brow lift helps in the improvement of frown lines which are the vertical creases between the eyebrows. The brow lift surgery also raises the brows sagging that hoods the upper part of eyelids. It also gives the brows a youthful and younger looking position.

Chin Surgery

Chin surgery is also referred to as mentoplasty and is a surgical procedure that reshapes the chin by enhancing it. This surgery can be performed on the lower jaw line and the chin are for improving face proportions and bring confidence to our valued patients. These interventions are frequently undergone by the patients for improving the harmony amongst their facial features and improve the chin area.

This Chin Surgery is recommended by the best cosmetic surgeons at Al Khaleej Clinics for the improvement of their facial proportions and the size of their chin.

Additionally, with recent advances in technology, and after obtaining informed consent after reviewing all options, risks and benefits, your plastic surgeon may suggest off-label use of FDA approved gel filler material as an alternative for providing augmentation of the chin area that may last for a shorter duration.

Ear Surgery

Ear surgery is also called otoplasty which is the procedure for improving the shape and proportions of the ear. Otoplasty can help in the correction of a defect in the structure of the ear which is present at birth or that has occurred somehow. This procedure can also treat any misshapen caused by injuries in the ear.

Ear surgery helps in creating a more natural shape of the ear while also balancing the ear and facial proportions. This gives our patients the confidence in their looks and personality. Al Khaleej Clinics Ear sugery can help in treating overly larger ears, Protruding ears that occur on both sides in different angles, and Adult dissatisfaction from a preceding ear procedure.

Eyelid Surgery

An eyelid surgery or a blepharoplasty, us a cosmetic procedure used for the improvement of eyelids. This surgery is usually performed on the upper eyelids and lower eyelids or both.

It does not matter if you want to improve the eye appearance or if you are having functional problems with your eyelids, and eyelid surgery can help in rejuvenating the areas around your eyes and make them beautiful.

The Al Khaleej Eyelid Cosmetic surgery can help in treating the loose skin that folds the natural contour of your upper eyelids, fatty deposits and puffiness around your eyelids, under eye bags, drooping lower eyelids, and excess skin and fine wrinkles under the lower eyelids etc.

Face Lift

A facelift is also known as rhytidectomy which is a surgical procedure that helps in the improvement of visible aging signs that are present in the face and neck areas. These signs includes skin relaxing which causes aging, Deepening of fold lines between nose and mouth corners, jowls, loose skin and additional neck fat that makes up a double chin etc.

Youthful contours in the face can be lost due to a number of different factors which includes skin thinning, facial fat loss, gravity, sun damage, smoking, and heredity etc. There are other procedures as well that might be performed in combination with a face lift surgery such as, brow lift, eyelid surgery etc. in order to enhance your other facial features as well.

Neck Lift

A Neck lift surgery is also regarded as lower rhytidectomy, which is a surgical procedure that reduces the visible aging signs along the jawline and neck areas.

A neck surgery can help in treating excess fat and skin relaxation in the lower part of the face. It also reduces the excess of fatty deposits under the chin and treats loose skin of the neck. It brings back the lost youthful contours around the face and neck areas which occurred due to a variety of factors.

Some people consider themselves not prepared or ready for a complete face lift as their upper face still seems pleasing. However, there are numerous patients that will note excess wrinkling around their neck area and having a double chin with jowl lines. A Neck lift surgery is recommended when the neck area of the body does not matches the upper facial area.

Al Khaleej Clinics is considered as the best center for a neck lift procedure or other cosmetic procedure with the best and the most experienced experts and surgeons.

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