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Heart Treatment

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Heart Treatment

Hearts main function is to pump blood throughout the body and the cause that block the heart to do this task lead to heart disease that include: hypertension, narrowed and blocked blood vessels.

A wide range of conditions effects our heart that cause heart diseases that includes blood vessel diseases, heart rhythm problems, heart defects and others. Cardiovascular disease is another term used for heart disease, this disease involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that lead to chest pain, stroke and severe cases heart attack, while other include affect heart’s muscle or valves.

Symptoms of Heart Diseases:

Many heart disease can be prevented with healthy lifestyle in early stage. Symptoms of heart disease include: chest pain, shortness of breath, chest pressure, tightness and discomfort, pain and ache in neck, jaw, throat, back, or other parts, numbness, weakness or coldness in arms or legs, swelling in legs, hands, ankles, area around eyes.

Heart Treatment Stem cells

Treatment of Heart Diseases:

Stem cell turn into different types of cell also transform into heart muscle cells. First of all, younger stem cells collection from patients occur after that the processing and then inject into patient in early stage of disease. Stem cell treatment can show benefits to patients suffering from heart disease.

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