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Ice Graft Hair Transplant

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ICE Graft Hair Transplant

It’s very normal to lose hair and go for a hair transplant, which includes various techniques and ways. Out of many techniques the one re-known technique is known as the Ice graft hair transplant. This technique is no different from all the other hair transplant techniques. It’s just different in the way how bulbs are treated before the hair transplant. This is a very small difference yet very important to get better results in a short period of time. At the beginning of the procedure, the hair follicles are extracted by the FUE technique. After that the grafts are put inside a prepared solution and kept at a s specific cold temperature. This primary treatment is important to protect these follicles and keep them vital.

Ice graft technique is started before the start of the hair transplant treatment. The hair bulbs are extracted from the donor area and are stored in a solution which increases their vitality. After that the bulb containers are kept in refrigerators where there cooling process starts. This technique holds a strong efficiency in increasing the bulbs quality and the tissues surrounding them. It also extends its life span outside the body.

Ice Grafts technique is completely new & an important factor for hair transplant success rate increeement. It keeps the hair bulbs healthy & are capable of growing again after transplanting. Temperature maybe high this affects the hair bulbs. If the treatment lasts more than the hair bulbs’ life span, that is approximately 4-6 hours. Then there are high chances of treatment failure. With ice grafts technique the structure of transplanted hair roots is strengthened and their lifespan is also extended. This is because hair bulbs are stored in a solution full of growth enhancing factors. Another reason is that it is rich with biotin, growth supporting matters which keeps bulbs vitality and enhances their cell growth.

ice graft hair transplant
Characteristics of Ice graft hair transplant
  • One of the biggest and the most important advantage of this hair transplant technique is that it gives more comfort to the patient as compared to other techniques during the treatment.
  • Physician is in no rush to finish the treatment this means that there wouldn’t be much stress on the patient and the medical staff.
  • In the case of using ice graft technique the hair transplant would give better results and the medical team would also work with comfort.
  • In addition, the success of the procedure would be high because of the safe bulbs and vitality kept out of the body. This would result in new hair when transplanted into the desired area.
  • In most of the clinics ice graft technique is used to preserve the hair bulbs waiting to be transplanted which gives bigger success opportunities for hair transplant surgeries.

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