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Keratoconus Cornea Treatment

Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus Cornea Treatment Clinic

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What is Keratoconus Cornea Treatment?

This is the name of eye disease, in this disease, the cornea on the eye turns thinner and takes a conical shape. The conical shape is considered to be dangerous because it hinders light as it enters the eye because the retina of the eye becomes extremely sensitive. This is known as deflection, due to which the vision is unclear and distorted because the light gets blocks. This disease, keratoconus begins during teens’ years of a person. It usually, appears on one eye and sometimes both eyes.

Symptoms of Keratoconus

With time, the cornea starts to become irregular as far as the shape is concerned. The reason why the shape change is irregular astigmatism inside the eye starts to grow, which further brings more problems. Your vision gets more blurred and your eyes start to become extremely sensitive towards the light.
The initial signs of this problem start for getting eyeglass changed after every visit to the eye specialist. Stop considering this to be a normal situation, because this is something alarming. Possibly an alarm about a dangerous infection.

What triggers Keratoconus?

There have been many research studies conducted to know the real cause of Keratoconus. Most of the research suggests that the thinning of corneal tissue gives birth to keratoconus. Or it is also a result of irregularities which exists with enzymes within the cornea. This further weakens the cornea and exposes it to more hazardous conditions.

Treatments for Keratoconus

There is a surgical procedure required to treat this disease. There are some corneal inserts or implants which a part of invasive surgery. This is the most widely used treatment for keratoconus. Some doctors look forward to treating nearsightedness, they use Intacs correct vision by smoothing the cornea. This enables it to regain the focus towards the light. This helps in enhancing the overall vision.
Intacs have been very effective when it comes to treating keratoconus because they improve the shape of the cornea which helps with vision.
What are Intacs? These are made up of some biocompatible material that comes from intraocular lenses, these are the lenses that are used for cataract surgery which makes sure that there are no side effects involved. Once you have made your mind to get it treated, let us explain to you how the procedure is like.

The procedure of the treatment?

In the procedure, your surgeon would create a tunnel between the layers of the corneal stroma, this is towards the central optical zone of your eye. After this, the surgeon would decide about the thickness of the ring. This is because the thicker the ring in Intacs, the thinner would be the cornea. And all this sum up to enhancing the vision of your eye.

Treatment of Keratoconus through Corneal Cross-Linking

This is one of the very famous eye procedures, it helps in strengthening the cornea which has been infected by a disease. This could be referred to as an invasive procedure because it involves applying some form of liquid known as riboflavin. This liquid is applied to the surface of the eye. After which a small treatment is done, which measures the ultraviolet light, this is done to remove any sort of corneal ectasia. So, let us guide you through the two types of corneal cross-linking’s.

Epithelium-off Corneal Cross-Linking

This is the type, where the outer layer known as the epithelium of the cornea is removed to insert the liquid called riboflavin. This is done so penetrate the corneal tissue easily.

Epithelium-on Corneal Cross-Linking

There’s another name for this process called transepithelial Corneal Cross-Linking. This is a procedure there is a protective corneal attached to the epithelium. This requires a longer time with riboflavin. So, the whole procedure could be overwhelming but there’s nothing dangerous about it. In your early sessions of examinations, your eye specialist would begin by measuring the thickness of your cornea.
This is done to make sure that you are grounded by the disease or not. After, you’re declared to have a disease you would start to have eye exams quite often. These eye tests would be done to measure your vision and the general health of your eye. Once, this is done your doctor would start to map your cornea, to be very sure about the health of your eyes.
In most of the procedures, there are not very long it usually takes up to 60-90 minutes approximately. It could take more but depends on your eye condition. Once, you are done with your position your doctor would ask you to lay down, so he/she could remove the epithelial layer which was placed to your cornea before the procedure. After this, to soothe your eyes some drops of Riboflavin would be placed. But things would be different if you’re receiving epithelial-on cross inking, you will be asked to lay down and the liquid drops would be inserted right after the treatment is started.
Once, the treatment is done, the doctor would asses s the condition of your eye, the thickness of the cornea would be checked by passing a UV light for approximately 30 minutes.

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