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Knee Pain Treatment

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Knee Joint Pain Treatment


We advise you to consult our doctors for the complete details and examination of your Knee joint pain.
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Knee Pain is very common disease now a days. AlKhaleej Orthopedic specialize in Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatment Options including:

  • High Flexion Total Knee / Hip Replacement
  • Regenerative Stem Cells Treatment
  • Keyhole Arthroscopy with Stem Cells
  • Platelet Lysate (PRP) with Hyaluronic Acid

More than 14 million people suffer from knee and joint pain in Pakistan. AlKhaleej Orthopedic Stem Cells Treatment is is gaining popularity day by day for the treatment of Knee, Joints and Back Pain conditions. Knee pain can be caused by injuries, arthritis and other problems. Painful joints restrict your mobility and lifestyle. Screening and early intervention will help you in a timely action.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are the cells that can be found in our body and are used to self-activate themselves whenever any injury or disease occurs and these cells try to get back the body to the normal condition.

How Stem Cells work for Knee Pain Treatment?

Stem Cells can be easily used to regrow new tissues which were damage or degenerating. Knee Pain can occur due to many problems but the most common problem is due to arthritis. There are many types of arthritis, but the most common ones are Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid arthritis.
Our own cells (Stem Cells) can be used to cure these diseases. Excess amount Stem Cells can be found in our bone marrow & in Stem Cells Therapy, Stem Cells are carried out from our own body and then injected to the knee joint.

Why Stem Cells for Knee Pain Treatment is Preferable over Knee Replacement?

After Knee Replacement, Patient can walk for months to recover from the surgery. But in Stem Cells Therapy, Patient walks in and walks out on his own. The healing power of stem cells is too short. Instead of replace knee of a person with such a big surgery, injection is a better way to cure knee pain. It gives you fast knee pain relief. Below are main points in favor of Stem Cells for Knee Pain Treatment.

Knee Pain Symptoms:

Below are following knee pain symptoms indicating when to see a doctor:

Knee Pain Diagnoses?

Knee Pain diagnoses to know pain reason can done only by examining a doctor or with x-ray or MRI.

What we offer for Knee Joint Pain Relief?
Knee Pain Risk Factors?

Age, level of physical activity are the main risk factors for knee pain.

Below are some of our Knee Joint pain Patient testimonials describing their journey at AlKhaleej Clinics Stem Cells Department:

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