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Liver Problem Treatment

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Liver Disease Treatment

Liver is an essential part of human body that perform multiple task including producing proteins, toxin removal from blood, blood clotting factors, fighting infections, manufacturing of cholesterol, glycogen, digestion of food. Liver have ability to regenerate at certain rate. Many environmental and health conditions and factors can damage liver at high rate than its ability to regenerate. Stem cell is a modern way to treat disease related to liver.

Liver cells known as hepatocytes make many of proteins in our body that perform various task including albumin required to maintain fluid in our circulation system. These cells dead and new cell take dead cell in this way it regenerate. Oval cells are small cell with oval nuclei have potential to make new hepatocytes.

If liver is damaged badly and the local cell aren’t able to regenerate, this cause liver diseases like cirrhosis. Local cell do regeneration and due to damage degeneration occurs. This regeneration and degeneration cause continues inflammation in liver that results in diseases like Cirrhosis.

Liver also stores chemicals and vitamins includes: vitamin A for vision, vitamin K to help blood to clot properly, vitamin D for calcium, folic acid, vitamin B12, iron.

Liver is able to regenerate itself, stem cell provide new cells in areas of deficiency. Repairing and growth factors are examined by angiogenesis (process through which new blood vessels form) that circulate new cells to get the repaired area function properly.

Liver Treatment in Karachi

Types of Liver Diseases:

There are various types of liver diseases, each of them have different symptoms. Jaundice symptoms includes yellow-orange color skin, hepatitis cause vomiting, nausea, pain in right quadrant of abdomen, bleeding in most of diseases of liver, weight loss, fatigue, breath issue, leg swelling and others.

Stem cell treatment results in liver function improvement, prevention of Cirrhosis, decrease inflammation, mental and emotional improvement, relief of pain, improvement in energy level, solve skin issues and many more.

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