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Neurological Treatments

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Neurological Treatment

WHAT IS Neurological Treatment?

Stem cells have ability to develop into different cell types in our body. When stem cells divide, each new cell can become stem cell or convert into another type of cell like brain or a muscle cell. There are different neurological disease that can be treated with stem cells therapy.

Parkinson’s disease:

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of central nervous system that is the death of nerve cells in our brain which are called neurons. Dopamine is a chemical substance that works as a transmitter of our brain. It transmit signals to the parts of brain that controls the movement of our body. This disease destroys nerve cells that produce this chemical substance and this process is known as neuro- degeneration.

Parkinson’s disease is being treated by using stem cell therapy to improve movement of our body by using our own stem cells. Stem cell treatment helps in getting a better life with less medication.

Neurological Disorder Treatment

Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease vary patient to patient and change with time as well. Main symptoms are movement slowness in which patient feels difficulty in physical activities, shaking occurs in different parts like hand, lower lip, jaw or legs, patient feels pain and rigidity in muscles. Patient experience depression, irritation, anxious, sleeping disorder, low blood pressure while standing, sweating on hand and feet, frequent urination, weight loss/gain and other.

In stem cell treatment, introduction of young healthy cells into human brain could be a remedy for this disease. It results in reduced chronic pain, tremors, improved sleep cycles and energy.

Cerebral palsy stem cell treatment:

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that caused by a brain injury or occur under the development of child’s brain. Cerebral palsy affects muscle coordination and body movement. Cerebral palsy also known as CP is caused by brain damage that may include injury or immature or abnormal development of brain that occurs usually before birth, during birth or immediately after birth.

CP symptom includes body movement, muscle coordination, body movement, reflex, muscle tone, posture and balance.

The damage and injury of brain is permanent, but we can control associative conditions using stem cell. Mesenchymal stem cells are type of stem cells used to treat CP. They produce cytokines and growth factors which promote brain neuro protection, generate new vessels that increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to injured and damage tissues.

Patients treated with Mesenchymal stem cells have shown improvements like regained eyesight, increased muscle strength, improved mental retardation, improved muscle tone, improvement in balance and coordination.

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