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Shoulder Pain Treatment

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Shoulder Joint Pain Treatment


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AlKhaleej Clinics has presented the new treatment in Pakistan for Shoulder Pain through Stem Cells (Without Surgery etc.). Shoulder is made up of three bones .i.e. 1) Upper Arm Bone. 2) Shoulder Blade. 3) Collarbone. The main cause of pain in the shoulder could be of Arthritis, other causes includes fracture, instability etc. At AlKhaleej Clinics, doctors are foreign qualified and trained enough to relief any kind of shoulder pain.
In fact, doctors at AlKhaleej Stem Cells department are treating shoulder pain using stem cells therapy. A new way to treat arthritis and joint pain using our own cells extracted from the body.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are the cells that can be found in our body and are used to self-activate themselves whenever any injury or disease occurs and these cells try to get back the body to the normal condition.

Causes of Shoulder Pain?

The main reason of shoulder pain can be due to arthritis. The main types of arthritis are osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis.
At AlKhaleej Clinics, expert doctors are using stem cells technology to cure arthritis. The results are mind blowing because stem cells therapy is the therapy in which patient walks in and out on his own. There is no surgery, no pain & no bed rest.

Shoulder Pain Relief?

Visit AlKhaleej Stem Cells and get consulted by one of our expert doctor to know exact problem and relief your shoulder pain.

What we offer for Shoulder Pain?

How Shoulder Pain can be Diagnosed?

Below are some of our joint pain clients who got treated at AlKhaleej Stem Cells using Stem Cells technology. See how our treatment helped them:

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