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Spine Pain / Back Pain Treatment

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Spine Joint Pain Treatment


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Spinal cord is made up of many bones, nerves, tendons & flexible ligaments. Spinal cord is designed in a way to provide movement in a many different planes and ways. Most of the time people take back pain lightly until some worst thing happen to them. We always recommend you to please consult any expert if you are in any kind of back pain as it will get worst if not taken care of properly.

Cause of Spin Pain / Back Pain?

The main cause of back pain is because of arthritis. Other causes could be because of any accident, injury, spinal stenosis & cervical radiculopathy etc.

Symptoms of back pain / Spine Pain?

Risk factors for getting back pain?

When to see a doctor?

If the pain is severe we advise you to visit AlKhaleej Stem Cells and have a consultation with our orthopedic doctors. As AlKhaleej Stem Cells have introduced a new technology to treat back pain with the use of stem cells therapy.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are the cells that can be found in our body and are used to self-activate themselves whenever any injury or disease occurs and these cells try to get back the body to the normal condition.

Yes as explained above, stem cells have the ability to create new cells that are damaged before. As most of the times back pain are caused due to arthritis & stem cells extracted from your own bone marrow are inserted to the effected parts of the body.

What we offer for Back Pain?

How Back Pain can be Diagnosed?

Below are some of our joint pain clients who got treated at AlKhaleej Stem Cells using Stem Cells technology. See how our treatment helped them:

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