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HIFU(High-intensity focused ultrasound)

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HIFU Treatment

AlKhaleej Clinics provides the best HIFU treatment. HIFU treatment is basically used to tightening, lifting, wrinkles & contouring of the skin.

HIFU treatment works as a non-invasive Facelift. It tightens the skin, iron outs the wrinkles, shrinks pores and targets the formation of "V" line and jaw lines. HIFU improves the overall skin which includes the skin tone, brightness and elasticity of the skin. HIFU targets skin layer without any surgical incisions, giving the patient a no- downtime facelift. This means you can get excellent results without any risks associated with surgery. Treatments are fast and results are seen within a few weeks. This is why the HIFU treatment is known as the 'lunch time face lift'.

HIFU is mostly known as the skin tightening treatment. It gives visible effects in face contouring, fine lines and wrinkles. This is known to be a non invasive cosmetic treatment that targets deeper layers of the skin. This encourages production of new collagen resulting in a tighter, flawless and a youthful skin.

Hifu treatment

Benefits of HIFU Treatment

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Efficient for tighening & lifting of skin.
  • Painless & elastic.(injections or needle free)
  • Beneficial for jawline.
  • Anesthesia free.
  • Performable on all types of skin.

Who can get it done?

It is mostly recommended for people who have stepped into their forties and are facing with visible signs of aging. These are known to be ideal people for the HIFU treatment. Sagging skin, rough texture can easily be cured by HIFU and the results become to flourish right after the first session of treatment.
HIFU have a number of benefits when it comes to getting rid of existing skin problems.

With HIFU, results are visible from the very first session of the procedure. This is because ultra-sound waves work from inside out unlike the laser treatments. Ultrasound is clinically proven out to be a reliable technique that is been used in the field of medicine for a very long time.HIFU gives you the advantage of long-term effect of the procedure that typically lasts from one year to four years. The treatment is capable of covering all areas of the face without any painful sensation with quicker recovery duration. The advantage associated with HIFU is that it's a completely non-surgical technique which eliminates any risks. As a result, fine lines and deep wrinkles are smoothened out seamlessly.
With growing age. It is very likely that people develop skin problems. Some people worry about this a lot. So there’s nothing like these problems cannot be cured. These are be cured very easily due to the advancements is growing technology. There a number of ways through which people can get a flawless and a clear looking skin easily. The two skin treatments listed above are being practiced world-wide and they’ve been giving evident results. So if you’re worried about your skin problems, we are just an appointment away.

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